Key Business IT Solutions for 2012 & Beyond

April 3rd, 2012

Key Business IT Solutions for 2012 & Beyond blog Every business requires IT solutions of some sort if it is to compete effectively. Some of the business IT solutions for the future include:

1. Cloud Computing

This is one of the IT solutions that will enable you to access information and software on demand in addition to enabling you to share resources. Cloud computing basically refers to the delivery of technology and computing services on demand via the internet. Since data is hosted in a central location which is the cloud, it makes it possible for users to access and update their data from any location as long as they have access to the internet. It is also cost effective, flexible and scalable since users only subscribe for services that they require.

2. Virtualisation

This refers to the creation of a virtual platform like a virtual version of operating systems, hardware, network resources or storage devices. Some of the benefits of this business IT solution include:

  • Reduced carbon footprint – you are able to reduce your carbon footprint by creating a virtual environment in which there is no in-house storage of hardware
  • Reduced overheads – it helps you to reduce expenditure on hardware as well as operating and maintenance costs
  • Prevents redundancy since you do not rely on hardware
  • It is centrally managed
  • Security and protection – with virtualisation, your technology is protected from disastrous events since it is hosted in state of the art data centres.

3. Unified Communications

This is basically an industry term that is used to describe the various forms of call cross-media or functions of multimedia message management which are controlled by a particular user for both business and social reasons. This is one of the IT solutions that will enable you to connect, communicate and collaborate. With IP telephony, you have a cost-effective and all-in-one solution that makes it possible for the transmission of video voice and data communications over a converged network.

4. Network Security

Your top priority should be in ensuring that your client information and business data is secure. This business IT solution monitors and prevents unauthorised access as well as corruption and modification of your network. Areas of protection include firewall, virus, spyware and spam.

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