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July 4th, 2011

Office 365 news blog

It’s a party in the clouds and Microsoft is on the guest list. And lucky for us it’s plus one to this 365 day affair. Office 365 is a mobile, web-accessible cloud computing system that’s set to replace the Microsoft Office suite. The move will provide Microsoft customers with access to their data via an online connection.

Microsoft’s new move parallels the market’s growing demand for cloud software services. Microsoft reports reveal that over 200,000 companies have tested Office 365 since its availability and that businesses are cutting IT spending by 50% as a result of the system. While costs are down, productivity has seen a proven increase- all good things for good business.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, says that Office 365 provides clients and companies alike with ample opportunities for online collaboration. “Great collaboration is critical to business growth,” Ballmer comments.

Office 365 offers instant messaging, email, document sharing, video and web conferencing. “They can conduct real-time virtual meetings with co-workers and customers and partners… People can work together on files and documents simultaneously,” says Ballmer.

Microsoft competes against the ever-popular Google, which offers web alternatives (including Google Docs and Apps) to Microsoft software. But unlike Google, Microsoft Office 365 permits clients the choice to store data on dedicated servers or on their own premises.

Ballmer presented Office 365 in Australia in mid-June at a joint convention with Telstra. He will present the product Wednesday morning in New York City.



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